A Picking of Prose from Fertile Plains: Seeking Help Only from Allah

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  1. Seek Help Only From Allah, a short story by Atilla.O
  2. Oh Dunya, a poem by Amira.R
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1. Seek Help Only From Allah

“Do not call onto any beings other than Allah. These are capable of neither benefit nor harm. To do so is therefore guilty of wrongdoing. When Allah inverts you with an affliction, none can remove it except Him.”Al-Qur’an 10:106–107

Ahmad was outside organising the Dawah stall. Ibrahim was rostered to help him but was running late. Ibrahim soon arrived and seemed excited. He said he met a couple of people who supported the Muslims and wanted to help. Ahmad smiled and asked whether they were fellow Muslims. Ibrahim replied they were not.

“Who are they then?” asked Ahmad.

Ibrahim said he wasn’t sure, but the people seemed determined to help. Ahmad asked if he could introduce him to them after their roster was over.

The following day Ibrahim arrived to meet Ahmad at a park. With him was a boy similar in age to Ibrahim. Ahmad warmly greeted them both, but soon recognised the boy and his smile turned neutral and immediately suspicious.

“Muslims have long been oppressed!” said the boy.

“Yes!” replied Ibrahim, with a smile, turning his head towards Ahmad and then to the boy.

Ahmad had a concerned look on his face.

“Muslims, just like workers, minorities and LGBTQA, have long been oppressed and exploited. These communities have remained vulnerable and defenceless within the hierarchy of tyranny that has been placed over them. There needs to be change!”

“Yes! Yes!” Ibrahim repeated in an excited state, with a wide smile across his face and could hardly remain still. “They’re going to help us, Ahmad!”

Ahmad quickly glanced at Ibrahim, slightly annoyed that he couldn’t see and comprehend the situation.

“It’s only when we overthrow the current social order and establish a community-led and driven movement can we bring a harmonious society, where Muslims, workers, LGBTQA can live in peace and harmony with each other! And we plan to bring about this social change … ”

“It’s only when we turn to God, inwardly and outwardly, and fulfill our obligations can we then live in a harmonious society” interrupted Ahmad, with a stern look on his face.

“God!?”, scoffed the boy, “God is irrelevant. God is an invention created by the ruling elite to impose their authority over the people. The power is within the people!”

Question to the reader: What are your thoughts?


2. Oh Dunya

Oh Dunya,

There is so much that my heart calls for

From you — there is so much I want

I want your music, I want your art, I want your poetry

I want the ecstasy of your youth

I want to unravel all of you and live a life of curiosity and discovery

I want your beauty, your fitnah

I want ignorant bliss

For just one moment — I want to be deceived by your lies

For just one moment — I want your amusement and fun

I want to lose myself in your games

I want to fall for your seemingly faultless facades

For just one second — I want to release my soul and let it become lost in your perfect chaos


And yet —

I know.

I know it the way I have never known anything before.

I know it with firm conviction, I know it with every fibre in my body,

You are a cunning liar.

You will get me nowhere.

You will give me no real happiness.

You will be my demise.


The heart in its natural form craves for that which will bring it no true substance.

It longs for that which will never be enough.

So let us ask our Creator for our hearts to crave only that which He loves.

Because surely without His guidance, without His sight —

we will be lost, tricked, blinded and swayed.

It is only Him we must turn to, to Him we must beg for help

Or else surely we will be from the wrongdoers who have forgotten themselves in the whims and wants of this dunya.


“The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.” (3:185)

Do not be like those who forget God, so God causes them to forget their own souls: they are the rebellious ones” (59:19)

“Who is more foolish than he who prays to other beings than Allah, to beings who are ever impotent to answer his prayer?” (46:5)



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