Earth’s Seam

UNSW Muslim Students Association
1 min readNov 16, 2021

Tiptoeing on Earth’s seam
I am to nearby ships but a beacon of distress
Unsoothed by recomposing waves
I am afraid the returning tide will bite my toes
And swallow me whole

So I left
Abandoning beautiful shells
Ignoring the whispers of the wind
Yet I am followed by an everlasting trail of sand
Untamed and eager
They escape the soles of my shoes
And begin creeping up my limbs
Leaping from hair to hair
Invading my ears
Crawling under the folds and crevasses of my brain
There is no relief
From the painful rubbing of the coarse grains

I am abducted by time
Wounded by the present
Scarred by the past
Once again they abandon me on Earth’s seam
But this time as I tiptoe in tears
And the rubble of civilisation falls through
With which I am buried
With which I become a remnant of time
Now only God remembers me
The One who commanded the sand
The One who commanded the ocean
The One who commanded the earth
The One who transfigured me from pain
The One to whom I returned
And found relief.

By Faria Fayaz



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